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Dionisio Cimarelli

Selected artist profile information for this contemporary Italian Sculptor
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Sculptor Dionisio Cimarelli
Dionisio Cimarelli

About Dionisio Cimarelli

Dionisio Cimarelli boasts a wide international experience and is one of the most well known Italian sculptors exercising his artistic activity in China. Born in Jesi at Ancona Province in Italy. He works with all kind of materials such as bronze, marble, wood, porcelain and ceramic.

Exhibition History of Dionisio Cimarelli

Solo Exhibitions
2013 Performance at Italian Center (Ex ITALY Pavilion Shanghai World EXPO 2010) China
2011 Embassy of Italy, Beijing, China (at invitation of the Ambassador)
2008 Embassy of Italy, Beijing, China (on the occasion of Italy National Day celebration)
2008 Italian Cultural Institute, Beijing, China
2006 The Portman Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Shanghai, China
2005 Consulate General of Italy, Shanghai, China
2004 Chiesa della Cancellata, Maiolati Sp. (AN), Italy
2001 Galleri Asur, Oslo, Norway
1999 Berlin Philharmonic, Berlin, Germany (at invitation of Maestro Claudio Abbado)
1999 Wilhelm Galerie, Potsdam, Germany
1999 Italian Cultural Institute, Berlin, Germany

Group Exhibitions
2014 Natura e Storia, Accademia di Belle Arti di Macerata, Macerata, Italy
2011 China NanDaiHe International Sculpture Exhibition, China
2011 Venice Art Biennale - Padiglione ITALIA nel Mondo, Italy
2010 ITALY Pavilion, Shanghai World EXPO 2010, China
2010 Centennial Celebration of Women in Art, Shanghai Art Museum, China
2009 Chinese International Sculpture Almanac Exhibition, Beijing - Hangzhou, China
2008 MOCA Museum of Contemporary Art in Shanghai, China
2008 Moon River Contemporary Art Museum Beijing, China
2007 Dumaguete Terracotta Sculpture Biennal, Dumaguete City, Philippines
2006 Italian Trade Commission, Shanghai, China
2006 Shanghai international Biennial City Sculpture exhibition, Shanghai, China
2005 International Beijing Art Biennale, Beijing, China
1989 Galleria Comunale d`Arte Moderna, Forte dei Marmi LU, Italy

Biography / CV of Dionisio Cimarelli

Dionisio Cimarelli boasts a wide international experience and is one of the most well known Italian sculptors exercising his artistic activity in China. Born in Jesi at Ancona Province in Italy and hold a Diploma in Sculpture at Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara, with specialization at Academy of Fine Arts "Repin" in St. Petersburg in Russia and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in Czech R. He participated at great restoration at Louver Museum in Paris, at Royal Church in Copenhagen, at Royal Palace in Stockholm, at cathedral in Strasbourg. Have received important scholarship like from "National Sculpture Society" in New York and from The New York Art Academy. He has been invited as guest professor at Wimbledon School of Art in London and at King Saud University in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. Has also participated to several lessons and conferences at prestigious Academic International Institutions. Held a solo exhibition at Berlin Philharmonic in Berlin after the invitation of Maestro Claudio Abbado. While in China he has participated to exhibition as International Art Biennale in Beijing, International sculpture Biennial in Shanghai, at MOCA Museum in Shanghai. From 2007 for 5 years he was the art supervisor of the important and large architecture project ZhongKai SheShan Luxury Villas of Shanghai. In 2011 he participated at Venice Biennale. In 2013 the sculpture of Matteo Ricci created for the Italy Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo will be permanently installed inside the Li Madou Palace at the headquarters of Marche Region in Ancona, Italy. In China have been represented by the follows TV: CCTV, Shanghai TV, Oriental TV and they have written of him : LIFE Magazine, China Daily, Liberation Daily, China Sculpture Magazine, Casa and Design, Shanghai Daily. Since February 2010 he is Member of Editing Committee of China Sculpture Magazine.

A complementary, and certainly significant aspect of the sculptor’s cultural and technical development has been restoration, carried out on a large scale throughout Europe (the Louvre, the Royal Church in Denmark, Westminster, the Royal Palace in Stockholm, etc.). Restoration has played two important parts in the artist’s development; firstly, the study of great works from the past, of classic sculptures, their historical, but also spiritual and cultural significance; secondly, the development of his technical skills, which were tested, shaped and developed in this confrontation effected through restoration. Everyone is aware of the importance of the artist’s manual and technical capabilities in his work of innovation, along with the importance of being aware of the forms and styles of our tradition. One could say, all things considered, that great art does not exist without imitation, as it was thought in the Renaissance. However, it should be added that imitation does not only mean copying the past, but first and foremost interpretation and confrontation. Restoration is the ideal medium to carry out this double work of confrontation and interpretation.
2003 Sculptor and restorer at the "Riddarhuset" (House of Nobility) in Stockholm, Sweden.
2003 Sculptor and restorer at the “Royal Palace” in Stockholm, Sweden.
2002 Sculptor and restorer of “The Institution of Civil Engineers” in Westminster London, UK.
1998 Sculptor and restorer on the Arc de Triomphe in Marseilles, France.
1998 Sculptor and restorer on the cathedral in Strasbourg, France.
1997 Sculptor and restorer of decorative sculptures in Helsinki, Finland.
1996 Sculptor and restorer in the Royal Church “Christiansborg Slotskirke” in Copenhagen, Danmark.
1991 Sculptor and restorer at Cour Napoleon in Musee du Louvre in Paris, France.
1987 Assistant consultant of marbles at Tostem Stone in Tokyo, Japan.

Awards and Prizes of Dionisio Cimarelli

2011 Spontini d`Oro, Italy
1997 Scholarship to Russia from the “Ministry of Foreign Affairs” of Rome, Italy.
1996 Scholarship from the “National Sculpture Society” in New York, U.S.A.
1995 Admission with scholarship at The New York Academy of Art, U.S.A.
1993 Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano Sud, Tirol, Italy

Reviews of work by Dionisio Cimarelli

"Dionisio Cimarelli is a contemporary art version of Marco Polo, criss crossing and intertwining Chinese and Italian cultures, so things Chinese become Italian and things Italian become Chinese. In this sense Cimarelli takes his inspiration from his Chinese peers and combines it with that renowned sense of a delicate, sensitive, and refined Italian aesthetic often found in the ceramics of Richard Ginori in Florence. The arts of one country often inspire the arts of another country resulting in a redefining process as we have seen with much of our culture here in Japan inspired by China. Cimarelli achieves this redefining process with great amusing satire but also in exuberant celebration of the very long ties between Chinese and Italian cultures."
Joni Waka, Curator, The A.R.T. Collection, Tokyo

"Cimarelli continues to work his magic in this new series of sculptures. As in his previous satirical series on traditional European sculpture, at first glance the unfamiliar eye discards the work as not contemporary art but mere take offs of traditional art, then on second glance one is left with a smile, pleasantly surprised to discover the subtle but potent satire in Cimarelli`s work. This great sense of Cimarelli`s might best be described as cross between the subtle delicacy of Suda, the Japanese contemporary artists using wood carved flowers and plants and the wonderfully humorous social statements of Duchamp. With this China show Cimarelli takes it one step further in creating a satire on both traditional and contemporary sculpture."
Joni Waka, Curator, The A.R.T. Collection, Tokyo

"Ciao Mr. D., it’s 3:42 am in Tokyo so I am going to bed now. I am not a man of many words but with my few words I try to create an impact. In this case I tried to write in the spirit of your work with the first part being some traditional diplomatic (but true and honest) statement and the second part hitting people with what you are really about. Very much as a novice views your work at first as a traditional art take off and then with a smile............... I’m not sure if I can make it to China physically reason my engagements in Tokyo, but rest assured my astral body will be at both openings shouting Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Dionisio! auguri, Johnnie"
Tokyo, May 2008
Joni Waka, Curator, The A.R.T. Collection, Tokyo

"Maestro Dionisio boasts a wide international experience and is one of the most well known Italian sculptors exercising his artistic activity in China. After his first visit in 1986, he continued investigating, with passion and marked interest, the culture and art of this extraordinary country. The sculptures made in porcelain by Maestro Dionisio Cimarelli have been created in Jingdezhen, well known place for its production of porcelain.

The high professional profile of the sculptor is unquestionable, attested by a long international experience through America, Asia and Europe. He has also participated to several lessons and conferences at prestigious Academic Institutions obtaining various recognitions such as, the recent appointment as art supervisor of the important and large architecture project ZhongKai SheShan Luxury Villas of Shanghai.

In the moment in which artists do their best to guide new tendencies, committing themselves to transform sculptures in furnishing, Maestro Cimarelli starts from a modern style of sculpture, which going through the spatio-temporal perception, arrives to a more classic level. Thanks to his researches on restoration, the artist claims a specialized competence of the sculpting techniques of the great Maestri of the past as well as a deep knowledge of the masterpieces of the most important classic sculptors.

With his production he was able to combine the antique perfection with the contemporary art creating delicate and precious sculptures like jewels, merging two millenary cultures such as Chinese and Italian in an original and harmonic way. The original contribution from Maestro Dionisio establishes the bases for a stronger collaboration between the two countries."
Shanghai, May 2008
Prof. Maria Weber
Director of Italian Cultural Institute Beijing

"What is so fascinating about Dionisio`s work? He has seemingly made the opposite journey: the works you see span about 15 years. They begin with abstract forms and end with, if I may call them such, classical ones. His early work is marked by its scepticism towards figures. An abstract concept is made concrete in the sculpture simply called Gedanke, "Thought". Not the thinker sitting and thinking as with Rodin, but the attempt at the sculptural realisation of the Idea of Thought. As you can see, the thought has its beginning, it branches off, becomes uncertain and heavy. Dionisio tells of his work as a restorer at the Louvre, which he did for two years. During this time he found his way back to classical models and started that which he calls the "Search", the word he uses the most while talking about himself. He is searching for antique models, he is searching in the Italian Quattrocento and what he has achieved is truly exceptional. His sculptures radiate an immense inner power, characters develop their own unmistakable personality.
Antique and classical elements are not merely added on, they become truly modern, but his work speaks to us in a language familiar and traditional, the syntax and meaning of which we yet know. However, it is difficult to pin down where the fascination lies: sometimes it is the roughness of the sculpture which alienates it from antiquity and carries it into here and now; then again it is the other way round, that the classical torso is fashioned out of cherry wood, polished and smooth, but still made of wood and thus irritating in its unfamiliar colour and texture.
The same goes for the drawings. For a sculptor sketches are a preliminary stage to the sculpture itself. In the case of Dionisio the sketches are proofs of his extraordinary talent. They are not feeling ahead, they are a record of one stage of his search. They are colourful even if no colour is to be seen, and are an independent counterpart of the sculptures.We are extremely grateful that we could give you, dear Dionisio, the opportunity to show us some of the stages of your search at the Berliner Philharmonie. Dear visitors, I thank you for your interest in art. I also thank you that you love and respect this house even when music is not its focus but visual art."
Berlin, 5th November 1999
Dr. Elmar Weingarten
(Intendant Berliner Philharmonischen Orchesters)

Public Works of Dionisio Cimarelli

Italy Pavilion Shanghai World Expo, Shanghai, China
Headquarters of Marche Region in Ancona, Italy

Qualifications / Education of Dionisio Cimarelli

1998 Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Czech R. Certificate in Sculpture
1997 Academy of Fine Arts (Repin) in St. Petersburg, Russia, Certificate in Sculpture
1995 The New York Academy of Art, New York, U.S.A. Sculpture (Only past examination entrance)
1995 University La Sorbonne in Paris, France. French Culture and Civilization
1994 School of specialization in Selva di Val Gardena (Bz) Italy. Diploma in Sculptor of wooden figure
1989 Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara, Italy. B.F.A. in Sculpture
1983 Institute of Fine Arts of Ancona, Italy. Diploma in Sculpture

Publications / Media / Bibliography of Dionisio Cimarelli

2013 ARTFACE Magazine, China
2012 LX-World, India
2011 Corriere Adriatico, Italy
2011 PANORAMA Magazine, Italy
2011 Mangazine, China
2010 DOMUS, China
2010 Le Mappe dei Tesori d`Italia, Italy
2010 China Daily, China
2010 China Sculpture Magazine, China
2010 Shanghai Daily, China
2010 LIFE Magazine, China
2010 China Sculpture Magazine, China
2010 Jiefang Daily, China
2009 Mr.Modern, China
2008 Dionisio - Sculptures in Chinese Porcelain, China
2008 LIFE Magazine, China
2008 China Sculpture Magazine, China
2008 Season of Daikin, China
2008 Casa and Design, China
2008 The Jingdezhen Ceramic Studies Journal, China
2007 The outlook Magazine, China
2007 Mangazine, China
2007 Domus China, China
2007 Target, China
2007 Noblesse, China
2006 Arte del novecento in Vallesina, Italy
2006 Il Corriere Adriatico, Italy
2006 Shanghai Time, China
2006 Zhong Kai Citizen, China
2006 Cigar Ambassador, China
2006 Shanghai Evening Post, China
2005 Shanghai Morning Post, China
2005 China Daily, China
2005 Oriental Morning Post, China
2005 Shanghai Daily, China
2005 Shanghai Bund, China
2005 Xingmin Weekend, China
2005 Shanghai Today, China
2004 Jesi e la Sua Valle, Italy
2004 Il Messaggero, Italy
2004 Il Resto del Carlino, Italy
2004 Il Corriere Adriatico, Italy
2003 Arab News, Saudi Arabia
2003 Al-Jazirah Cultural Magazine, Saudi Arabia
2003 Alwatan, Saudi Arabia
1999 Potsdamer Neueste Nachricten, Germany
1999 Dionisio Sculture e Disegni, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Berlin, Germany
1999 Markische Allgemeine, Germany
1992 Ceramica Moderna, Faenza, Italy
1988 Il Volto dell`Oriente, Tuttoturismo, Ed. Domus Milan, Italy
1988 Corriere Adriatico, Italy
1988 Il Resto del Carlino, Italy
1985 La Nazione, Italy

TV and Radio
2012 RAI 3, by Philippe Daverio, Italy
2011 Ministry of Foreigner Affairs online, Italy
2011 CNBC TV, Italy
2010 ICS TV, China
2009 ZheJiang TV, China
2008 Shanghai Television, China
2008 CCTV, China
2008 Radio China International, China
2007 Artron, China
2005 Channel Young, China
2005 Oriental Television, China
2005 Shanghai Xuhui Cable TV Center, China
2004 TV Centro Marche, Italy
2004 TV Rai 3, Italy
2003 Al-Jazirah TV, Qatar
1999 Potsdamer, Germany
1992 TV Rai 3, Italy

Teaching Experience

Professor at The Art Students League of New York

2002 Lecturer and lectures at “King Saud” University of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
2003 Lecturer at “Wimbledon School of Art“ in London,UK.

Price Range of Work

Dionisio Cimarelli's work has a price range from £10,000 to £18,333

Mediums utilised

Dionisio Cimarelli's work is found in the following materials:

Artwork Categorised

Dionisio Cimarelli's work is found in the following categories on site:
Indoor figurative sculpture (12)
Children Child Babies Infants Toddlers Kids Sculptures Statues statuettes figurines (11)
Baby Infant Young Child statue sculpture statuette (10)
Colourful Polychrome Sculpture Multi-Coloured Statues statuettes statuary (10)
Ceramic Sculptures (10)
Portrait Sculptures / Commission or Bespoke or Customised Sculptures (5)
Human Figurative Sculptures (5)
Interior, Indoors, Inside Sculpture (5)
Busts and Heads Sculptures Statues statuettes Commissions Bespoke Custom Portrait Memorial Commemorative sculpture or statue (4)
Carved Wood Sculptures (4)
Classical Style Sculptures and Statues (3)
Historical Character Statues / Sculptures (2)
Females Women Girls Ladies Sculptures Statues statuettes figurines (2)
Nudes, Female Sculptures (2)
Christian Church Sculptures, Carvings Bas Reliefs Stained Glass and Statues (2)
Garden Or Yard / Outside and Outdoor Sculptures (2)
Carved Stone, Marble, Alabaster, Soap Stone Granite Lime stone (2)
Stylised Heads / Busts Sculptures
Parent - Child Sculpture
Religious Sculpture
Nudes / Male Sculpture
Organic / Abstract Sculpture
Contemplative, Restful, Thougtful Sculptures
Outsize, Very Big, Extra Large and Massive Sculptures
Figurative Public Art Sculptures
Indoor Inside Interior Abstract Contemporary Modern Sculpture / statue / statuette / figurine
Abstract Contemporary Modern Outdoor Outside Garden / Yard Sculptures Statues statuary
Teenagers Sculptures statuettes Portraits figurines commissions etc
Spiritual sculpture
Precious Metals Animal Sculptures Statues statuettes ornaments
Literary and Musical Characters Sculptures
Children Playing Sculptures or Statues or statuettes
Mythical Sculptures
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